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Kidney detoxification is a long process. Juice fasting and a diet high in raw food can greatly benefit the kidneys.
Our liver and kidneys enlarge due to the added workload of protein metabolism.  If you are an individual with kidney problems, diabetes, hypoglycemia or hepatitis, a high protein diet worsens the condition.  A damaged liver or kidney does not do well when overloaded with protein digestion.  When the filtering organs are overburdened, the blood becomes more toxic and tends to aggravate other conditions.
DNA and RNA contain purines that are the primary building blocks of our genetic code.  Meat eating causes large quantities of purines to break down and form uric acid.  Uric acid causes gout and kidney stones.  The good news is that both these ailments are cured with a low-protein diet.

Fruit and vegetable juices assist in kidney detoxification.

Fruit and vegetable juices are the cleansers, energizers, builders, and regenerators of the human system.  A combination of either fresh, raw fruit or vegetable juices will supply all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, protein and fats critical to increased vitality!  By adding live juices to one's diet as a daily routine, many have experienced a rejuvenating effect and healing of various illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, skin infections, liver disorders, alcoholism and smoking.  Supplying the body with easily-absorbed nutrients, while the body is cleansing itself in the fasting state, avoids the dangers of total abstinence associated with water fasting.  Be confident that this method is both safe and beneficial.
Grapes: There are between 40 and 50 different varieties of grapes that come in a rainbow of greens, whites, reds and purples.  Grapes fill the mouth with an explosion of delicious flavors.  Grapes are an excellent source of potassium, which encourage an alkaline blood balance and also stimulate the kidneys and regulate heartbeat.  The restorative power of grapes is phenomenal, cleansing the liver and removing the uric acid from the body.  In France, many people go on a grape fast during harvest time.  Studies have shown a lower incidence of cancer in the areas of France where this grape fast is practiced yearly. 
Asparagus: Available in early spring.  It can be expensive due to the difficulty in cultivating.  Its claim to fame is the amino acid aspargagine that is destroyed by cooking.  Aspargagine is a strong diuretic, stimulating the kidneys.  Asparagus is a great blood cleanser and excellent for healthy bowel maintenance. 
Parsley: Ancient civilizations have used parsley in medications and in poultices on wounds, boils, cysts and to draw the pus out of an infected cut.  Parsley is one of the highest sources of life-giving chlorophyll, which acts like iron to oxidize the blood.  Chlorophyll will help neutralize the strong odor of garlic, and is used in chewing gum to sweeten breath.  It is a cleanser of the kidneys, liver, and urinary tract.  Parsley is effective for upset stomachs by stimulating digestive enzymes.  Excellent for the colon by encouraging the peristaltic wave in the intestines.
Spinach: Never cook spinach.  Oxalic acid is destroyed when heat transforms it into oxalic acid crystals that are harmful to the kidneys.  It also binds to iron, making it unabsorbable. 
Cranberry Juice
A powerful healing tonic filled with quinine, which changes to hippuric acid in the liver.  Hippuric acid is able to assist in the removal of purines, uric acid, urea and toxic build-up in the prostate gland, testicles, kidneys and bladder. 
Kidney detoxification Problems:

Fasting can irritate damaged kidneys due to the amount of toxins they filter.  Try short juice fasts of 3-to-5 days before progressing to longer fasts.  To maintain the healing, you will need to permanently remove high-protein meals, refined flours, commercial oils and fats from your diet.
Carl W. from Oshawa, ON
(kidney and liver detoxification testimony)

Fasting with water, juice and a complete diet of natural foods gave me a new lease on life!  The disease crippling me was chronic hepatitis.  Drug abuse began at thirteen, and after years of serious addiction, I contracted hepatitis, a very painful and frustrating illness. 
As the years progressed my liver deteriorated, causing my other filtering organs (kidneys and spleen) to be overworked, thus damaging them, causing even more pain.  For sixteen years I suffered.  My liver was swollen to the size of a football.  The liver is the largest cleansing organ, and does not have room for swelling.  When it does, constant irritating pain is felt from the rib cage to the stomach.  Hepatitis is impossible to forget. 
Life was dismal and without hope.  I was a 270-lb., burned out drug addict coming off a massive intake of chemicals.  It took 20 to 30 tranquilizers a day to prevent my mind from losing its sanity. 
My emotions were out of control.  Nerves were like electrical wires on overload.  Without knowing what else to do I phoned Tom, a friend I had not seen in years.  Tom's heart was moved.  He explained that I was in serious trouble and needed help. 
After a few days of mostly sleeping, I awoke only to realize how grossly complicated my rebellious life had become.  The past 20 years flooded my conscious.  I had played the role of someone else, someone tough, ruthless, and invincible.  All that was left was an empty, barren soul.  The flood of tears wouldn't stop as I agonized over the loss of my family.  There was no one to blame I was a victim of my own demise.  I thought moving in with Tom would help the massive depression that was now my life, but nothing could stop my eyes from seeing painful reality.  Tom stayed up several nights listening to my sad story.  If all my pent up anguish hadn't found an outlet, my insides would have exploded. 
After 20 days of juice fasting the changes were remarkable.  As the pain lessened, I started to feel alive again.  I wasn't cured, but because of the results, I continued the fast. 
After 40 days of juice fasting, there was a metamorphosis from a sickly, unstable human into someone vibrant with health and well-being.  Gradually, my self-esteem began to build as I shed 100 pounds.  At the start, I weighed 270 lbs.  This bulk was caused by the retention of large amounts of body fluids.  Due to the drugs and the damaged liver, my body could not release these fluids.  After the 40 days my weight had dropped to 170 lbs.; whatever had caused the bloating had healed.  The swelling on my right side from my liver had disappeared completely.  My mind was clear and stable.  For the first time in years, I could live without tranquilizers!  I sincerely thought drugs had done permanent damage to my brain.  I was wrong!
If a butterfly could talk of its experience of changing from a crawling insect into a multi-colored, graceful, flying creation, it would most likely be saying the words I felt in my heart.  I was given back what drugs took away.

You have just read some excerpts from the ultimate detox program.
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