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Home Remedies For Constant Headaches

Home Remedies For Constant Headaches
Relief from headache by home remedies is possible. Are you one of those people who pops pills for every minor attack of headache? Well you really don't have to. Natural remedies for headaches are available to solve your problem. It is neither desirable nor advisable to consume harsh chemical medication all too often. This seems all the more unnecessary when natural pain relief is possible readily and easily. Herbal headache remedies could help you to avoid all the side effects in stock for you if you continue to swallow pills for common ailments like neck and head pain.
Why Are Home Remedies For Headache More Advisable?
    By default they are also natural remedies for headaches.
    They do not accumulate in the body like chemical drugs like paracetamol or aspirin.
    They can be prepared at short notice at home and don't require too much effort.

Home Remedies For Headaches:

1. A Steaming Cup Of Masala Tea: This is the most common cure for a splitting head practiced on a daily basis in our homes. Tea by virtue of its properties is a stimulant. It stimulates the nerves of the brain to alertness and clears drowsiness. If you have to make tea to get rid of a headache then few pieces of ginger have to be added along with cloves and cardamom. This concoction of spices in the tea will bring about natural relief from pain. However, it is prudent to make it clear that people addicted to tea experience headaches if they do not get their daily dose of it. In that case tea is not a remedy but a psychological craving.
2. An Oil Massage: If the cause of your headache is undue stress and tension then nothing works better than a relaxing head massage with oil. There is not too much technique involved in this home remedy for headaches. The oil should be preferably a herbal oil that should be heated to lukewarm temperature. This oil can be massaged slowly with fingers into your scalp and spread out in circles. There are certain pressure points on our temple that need to be concentrated upon. This is not only a natural remedy for headache but also very beneficial for your hair. The oil massage stimulates the hair roots and fosters hair growth. A total stress buster of an experience at in the privacy of your home.
3. Luke warm Lime Water: If the unfortunate cause of your headache is a hangover then this is the herbal head ache remedy you should go for. Alcohol when consumed in excess dehydrates you body. That is the reason behind the famous 'hangover headaches'. You have to give your body plenty of fluids and some salts too. Take a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze a lemon into it. Now add some salt and sugar, mix well and gulp it down. Repeat this every hour for about 4-5 hours and you can kiss your head ache goodbye.
Home remedies for headaches may not give you instant relief but are better for the long run.
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