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RADIO HYDERABAD (NashrGah Hyderabad Dakan Mehakma LaSilki )


(NashrGah Hyderabad Dakan Mehakma LaSilki )

                         Inauguration of NashrGah LaSiliki  ( Nizam Radio ) - 1933                        

The Deccan Radio went on air early in the year 1933 . It started as a private radio station 
with a transmitting power of 200 Watts . The transmitter was assembled locally . 
The radio station was privately owned and operated by the family members . 
It was situated at the " Azam Manzil " Chiragh Ali Lane opposite John Co,
Abid Road . Hyderabad did not lag with the rest of the country as regards to 
radio transmission .

                                John & Co advertisement - 1933

There were broadcasts of news in Urdu , Dakhni dholk ke geet ,ghazals , qawwalis etc . 
At a time when film songs did not exist and only a handful of discs by singers like 
Gauharjan , Jankibai of Allahabad and Zohrajan of Agra etc existed the local 
artists came forward and entertained with their lovely voices . With the opening 
of a radio station a number of talented artists specialised in both vocal and 
instrumental music enrolled themselves with the radio station for audition . 
Roshan Ali a noted musician of that time was the first music director of 
the Deccan radio . Later MA Rauf joined the Deccan radio as a 
studio executive , he was a notable ghazal singer . 

There were no transmissions during the month of Mohurrum . 
Later the transmission was suspended only for the first 13 days of the 
month of Mohurrum but there were no programs on music . The 
news was taken from the local news papers and the important 
events were reported . The news mostly contained matters related 
to the State . After 1935 some of the songs appeared on the discs 
and the Deccan Radio procured some of the good ones and presented 
them . The program on Film music although a brief one received 
appreciation from the listeners .

The Deccan radio was taken over by the Nizam in 1935 . 
It came under the Department of wireless .NashrGah 
Hyderabad Dakan Mehakma LaSilki .

             NashrGah LaSilki -                                                   Nawab Ali Yawar Jung 

Specimen of a days Radio Program .

The department of wireless was headed by Nawab Ali Yawar Jung Bahadur , 
an eminent personality who later held offices of Vice Chancellor , Ambassador and Governor .
A powerful transmitter of 500 Watts was purchased and installed from the Marconi Co, England . 
The new studios were set up at the Yaawar Manzil , Khairatabad and the transmitter with 
big antenna was set up at Saroornagar on the out skirts of the city . The red lights on the twin 
antennas were visible from many parts of the city . Broadcast Studios were also established at 
Saroornagar later and many programs used to go on air especially during the second world war . 
One person was deputed to BBC London for training . Nawab Ali Yavar Jung a great visionary 
was trying hard to bring the broadcasting on the lines of BBC . New equipment such as wire 
recorders were purchased .

The family members of Chiragh Ali left one after the other after it was taken over by the Nizam . 
The 200 Watt transmitter was shifted to Aurangabad and a small station at the district level was 
established . The majority of people at Aurangabad spoke Marathi and so along with Urdu the 
programmes in Marathi were also broadcast .

The demand and importance of music was felt by the Deccan Radio and soon arranged music 
programs by local artists . A large number of talented local artists came forward and initially 
volunteered to perform  . By mid thirties the Deccan Radio became so popular that great 
classicalists like Ustad Fayyaz Khan , Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan , Hira Bai Barodekar and 
her sister Saraswati Rane were on the list of artists of the Deccan Radio . Ustad Abdul Karim 
Khan visited Hyderabad twice and during that time gave performance at the Deccan Radio .

The talent of the local artists were recognized in a short time and there were a large number 
of artists on the list of the Deccan Radio . Some of the notable artists of those times are Ustad 
Qayyum Husain Khan ( sarangi ) Pt Venkat Rao ( Harmonium ) , Amba Prasad ( Harmonium ) 
Sheikh Dawood ( Tabla ) GN Dantale - (Jaltarang and Vocal ) . The other Vocalists included 
Shankarlal Masterji , Vasumati Dantale , Ambadas Apte , Vittal Rao , SB Deshpande . Amba 
Prasad was a master of Harmonium . He was called for occasions when others were unable 
to accompany some of the vocalists like Ustad Fayyaz Khan and Hirabai Barodekar .

The artists who were famous for singing the Dakhni dholak ke geet, tappa , and folk songs of 
Deccan were Noorjehan Bharatpuri ,Kaneez Fatima , Qamar Jahan and Bangari Bai . 
A large section of the Hyderabad city was not electrified . This was a precious commodity 
and coupled to this the radio set was very expensive and beyond the reach of a common 
man . In many localities there were a handful of radio sets and sometimes the non-privileged 
were accommodated to enjoy the programs by those who had the radio sets with them .

By late 1930's the markets were flooded with songs on 78 RPM discs from the movies . 
The public got more and more interested in film music and a number of middle class 
opted to buy a radio set on instalments when their houses got electrified .

As a large section of population consisted of locals who spoke Telugu , Kannada and Marathi . 
There were regional programs in those languages and were alloted some slots on specific days .

MA Rauf who joined Deccan Radio as a Program Executive later became the Station Director . 
An excellent ghazal singer and a composer who went on to score music for few movies 
produced from Bombay . The films are Tohfa , Beete Din - 1947 and Basera - 1950 .

Moizuddin was another notable ghazal singer who was one of the court singers at the palace 
of  Moazzum Jah Bahadur the second son of Nizam .


                                  NasharGah  Hyderabad

December 31 , 1941  Iswi ( CE / AD )                      ChaharShunba 28 Bahman 1351 Fasli
           ( Wednesday )
Sa'at Shaam

5 - 30   -   Khayal , Sudh Sarang

5 - 50  -    Ghazal , ' teri khushi se agar gham men bhi khushi na hui ( Jigar )

6 -  00       Aam pasand  Mouseqi 

6 -  20       Marathi Pad aur Bhajan

6 -  40       Ghazal   - Ishq mujhko nahin wahshat hi sahi   ( Ghalib )
                    Ghazal      Mere haal par bebasi ro rahi hai

7 - 7 30     Bachon ka program

7 30          Khatm Saal   - Taqreer

7 45         Khayal Maalkouns 

Sa'at Shab

8 - -              Urdu men khabren

8 -  25          Angrezi men khabren

8 -  50          Aam pasand mouseqi

9 - 10       Karnataki Anand Bhairavi 
10            Duae Salamati



For those who cannot read Urdu here is in Roman Urdu .

                 Muqami NashrGah Aurangabad
               ( Local Radio Station Aurangabad )
(319) meters (940) Kc/s Roz ChaharShunba , 
14 Bahman 1351 Fasli . Auqaat Nashr 5-30 ta 9-30
Sa'at Shab .

Marhati program dehatiyon aur shehriyon ke liye
5-30 to 7-30 sa'at shaam .

Urdu program dehatiyon aur shehriyon ke liye
7-30 to 9-30 sa'at shab .

    Mutakhib kalam - Dattu Pant Padmakar
Gaane walon mein AK Thakurdas aur Khwaja Mehmood Baig qabil-e- zikr hai .

                     ( Mehikma LaSilki )



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